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Model 7TORK-S

ORKA Series Pump
In Ground Pool
Above Ground Pool
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Serie's features

  • Patented air-cooled heat sink allows pump to run dry without damage to shaft seal. UNCONDITIONAL ONE-YEAR WARRANTY AGAINST SEAL FAILURE. Diffuser-case fit plus "pry" tabs allow for simple assembly or disassembly. Exclusive Ring-Lok Strainer allows "tool free" access to the strainer basket. High efficiency impeller-diffuser for increased performance and priming capacity. Self priming hydraulic design provides suction lift up to 10' (3 m) above water level. Internal ribs in large strainer basket assure flow
  • even when filled with leaves and debris. Housing molded from a single reinforced
  • corrosion-resistant thermoplastic piece with two drain plugs with winterization. Floating eye seal between closed impeller and diffuser maximizes efficiency. 56 Frame mount square-flange dual-voltage motors are standard on all units. Maximum water temperature 104 F (40 C) 2" unions : SRS comes with 2" unions that allows for easy installation on any pool size plumbing.


ORKA Rendement


Model Item Number94028927
AvailableNorth America
Hertz (Hz)60
Voltage (V)230
Power (HP)3/4 - 1/16hp
Full load amps6.1 - 2.1
Weight (LBS/kg)42 (19.1)
SpeedTwo Speed