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Model L140C-7C

LASER Series Filters
In Ground Pool
Above Ground Pool
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Serie's features

  • Models of 14" (35
  • 6 cm) 16 po (40
  • 6 cm) 19 po (48
  • 3 cm) 22
  • 5 po (57
  • 2 cm) et 25 po (63
  • 5 cm) Upper distribution system integrated into the dial valve and engineered to direct water evenly across the entire surface of the sand - up to 25gpm/sq.ft. (61 m3/h/m2) without sand migration or channeling. 7-way dial valve with "sight glass" automatic air relief
  • and pressure gauge. The 7 functions are : Non-Corrosive resin clamp for simple installation and service of dial valve and filter components. Underdrain with "side-slotted" laterals draws water evenly across the full diameter of the sand bed for higher flows
  • better filtration
  • longer cycles and more efficient backwashing. Features heavy-duty
  • freeze resistant hub and easy-service "Snap-fit" laterals. Deep
  • high-capacity sand bed carries more debris and extends filter cycles. Blow-molded tank is corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant. Bottom drain for winterizing and draining. Hose and hardware included.



Model Item Number94089141
Size14" (35.6 cm)
Operating pressure PSI (bar)30 (2.1)
Filter surface sq.ft (m2)1.02 (0.9)
Total Gallons 6 hrs (m3)9000 (34)
Total Gallons 8 hrs (m3)12000 (45)