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Model EW72

EARTHWORKS Series Filter
In Ground Pool
Above Ground Pool
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Serie's features

  • Ring-Lok access to filter element for "tool-free" servicing. Built-in tooth on Ring-Lok allows you to easily disengage lid. Automatic Air Bleed assures 100% filtration and longer filter cycles. Convenient
  • easy-measure D.E scoop included with each filter. Eight industry-standard curved grids
  • all one size. No short grid ! Large diameter tank allows a grid spread that covers from 15%-25% more surface area than other leading D.E. filters. This results in superior flow characteristics and virtually eliminates D.E. bridging for longer filter cycles and less maintenance. D.E is easily washed off the grids with a garden hose without disassembling or removing grid cassette from the tank. GridLok design with quick release feature locks top manifold in place
  • but allows instant removal when unlocked. Exclusive D.E.-Fence rubber bushings create a flexible seal between the grids and the top manifold
  • virtually eliminating D.E. bypass. Patented built-in valve is easily removed for service. Exclusive "EarthShake" regeneration allows you to extend the filter cycle between cleaning. Easily convertible from D.E. filter to Tri-C.L.O.P.S. Element filter.



Model Item Number94081072
D.E. Required12 scoops
Filter surface sq.ft (m2)72 (6.7)
Flow Rate Gal/min (m3/h)144 (33)
Total Gallons 6 hrs (m3)51800 (198)
Total Gallons 8 hrs (m3)69120 (264)